Collaborative trade finance processing

Still use spreadsheets to manage your bank guarantees?

Time to eliminate error-prone manual data processing

Still apply for a letter of credit by email?

Leverage a more secure communication channel

Do you know where your original guarantee is stored?

Improve control and visibility with digital document exchange


Collaborative trade finance processing with RIVO

  • Powerful application to manage your trade finance business
  • Paperless processing with digital guarantees
  • Flexible integration with the entire trade finance ecosystem
  • Enriched data insights & decision support including ESG and fraud prevention
We enable companies to manage their trade finance business more efficiently with every financial institution, to collaborate across the entire ecosystem and leverage data insights for improved trade productivity.

Key benefits

  • Management
    Streamlined management of all your trade finance transactions
  • Collaboration
    Flexible collaboration with every financial institution and any participant
  • Connection
    API-based connection with the extended trade finance ecosystem
  • Insights
    Enriched decision support with data-driven insights
  • Acceleration
    Digital document exchange for faster processing
  • Risk mitigation
    Real-time credit limit and utilization management
  • Sustainability
    Transaction-based ESG tracking and scoring
  • Security
    Transparent transaction management for version control and auditing

Key features

  • Intuitive dashboard for ease of use
  • Full lifecycle support of letters of credit, standby-LCs, guarantees, collections
  • Credit limit and utilization management
  • Multi-level organization and user management
  • MLETR-compliant digital documents e.g. digital guarantees
  • Transaction-based ESG tracking and scoring
  • Premium data quality with legal entity identifier (LEI)
  • Cloud security, two factor authentication (SSO)
  • Sandbox test environment

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Free of charge
Starter Plan
Summary features
  • Basic trade finance transaction management
  • LEI enabled
  • Configurable web UI
  • Basic reporting
  • Access to knowledge hub
  • Manage 1 internal unit
  • Manage 1 financial institution
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Essential Plan
Summary features

Starter features plus:

  • Attachments
  • Basic limit management
  • Manage multiple internal units (number upon request)
  • Manage multiple financial institutions (number upon request)
  • Flat file exchange
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Business Plan
Summary features

Essential features plus:

  • Electronic presentation for LC
  • Manage multiple internal units (number upon request)
  • Manage multiple financial institutions (number upon request)
  • Sandbox environment
  • Basic BI reporting
  • Fintech hub access (# of connectivity upon request)
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Professional Plan
Summary features

Business features plus:

  • Parent Company Guarantee
  • Manage multiple internal units (number upon request)
  • Manage multiple financial institutions (number upon request)
  • SSO
  • Custom fields
  • Advanced task management
  • Issue immutable electronic documents
  • Limits in FX
  • Manage limits per product
  • Charges management
  • Adjustable workflow
  • Sandbox with prod data copy
  • API access
  • Fintech hub (number of connectivity upon request)
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Enterprise Plan
Summary features

Professional features plus:

  • Working Capital Finance
  • Unlimited org-chart management
  • Create custom workflows
  • Issue electronic documents of title
  • Multiple limits per FI
  • Configure BI reporting
  • Fintech hub (# of connectivity upon request)
  • Extended task management
  • Issue electronic documents of title
  • Extended limit & charges management
  • Generative AI applications
  • Manage multiple internal units (number upon request)
  • Manage multiple financial institutions (number upon request)

Compare features

L/Cs, Guarantees/SBLCs, Collections
Parent Company Guarantees
Electronic presentation under LCsOptional
Working Capital FinanceOptional
Corporate Organization (Internal units)1Upon requestUpon requestUpon requestUpon request
Financial Institutions (External units)1Upon requestUpon requestUpon requestUpon request
Data storage, years1010101010
Configurable UI
Multi-Factor-Authenticationmailmailmailmail, smsmail, sms
Single Sign onOptional
Tasks Management
Basic Task management
Attach any document to a task
Link transactions to tasksOptional
Automatic creation of tasksOptional
Create custome fileds
Adjust workflow templatesOptional
Amount based authorization rules
 Multi-criteria authorization rulesOptional
 Create custom workflows
Digital documents
Digital documentsStarterEssentialBusinessProfessionalEnterprise
Receive any document with a transaction
Attach PDF document to a transaction
 Attach any document <10 MB to a transaction
Attach any document <250 MB to a transaction
Issue immutable electronic documents
Issue electronic documents of title (MLETR compliant)
Limit management
Limit managementStarterEssentialBusinessProfessionalEnterprise
1 Limit per FIOptional
 Multiple limits per FI
Limits in any currency
 Limits per unitOptional
Limits by durationOptional
 Limit forcasting
Charges management
Charges managementStarterEssentialBusinessProfessionalEnterprise
 Default transactional charges per FI
Preview charges per transaction
 Receive charges from FI
Default any charges per FI
Default any charges per FI and unit
Compare planned vs actual charges per transaction
Sandbox environment
Sandbox environmentStarterEssentialBusinessProfessionalEnterprise
Sandbox with dummy dataOptional
Sandbox with productive data on demandOptional
Regular productive data load
Knowledge and Help center
Training Academy
Amendable contract
Individual contract
Connect to Financial institutions
Connect to Financial institutionsStarterEssentialBusinessProfessionalEnterprise
Number of Financial Institutions1Upon requestUpon requestUpon requestUpon request
Number of transactionsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Connection to internal systems
Connection to internal systemsStarterEssentialBusinessProfessionalEnterprise
Flat file exchange
Surecomp channels
Call RIVO’s open APIsOptional
GenAI email converterOptional
Individual interfacing
Connect to 3rd party ecosystem
Connect to 3rd party ecosystemStarterEssentialBusinessProfessionalEnterprise
Embedded partners
3rd party of Surecomp partnership program
Other Fintechs
Managed Services
Managed servicesStarterEssentialBusinessProfessionalEnterprise
Co-Develop individual services
Host and manage individual services
Data enrichment
Data enrichmentStarterEssentialBusinessProfessionalEnterprise
Legal entity identifier (LEI) basic function
BIC to LEI function
Verifyable legal entity identifier (vLEI)Optional
Generative AI applications
Generative AI applicationsStarterEssentialBusinessProfessionalEnterprise
 Guarantee text interpreterOptional
 Email converter for guarantee notificationsOptional
 Email converter for LC notificationsOptional
Fraud prevention solution
Fraud prevention solutionStarterEssentialBusinessProfessionalEnterprise
Issue invoices as immutable documents
Basic reporting
Advanced reporting
ESG scoring
ESG scoringStarterEssentialBusinessProfessionalEnterprise
Contribute to scoring
Consume ESG scoring per transaction
Add self assessment to improve data quality
Add attachmemts to verify/certify self assessment
Manually Import certificate(s)
Automatically Connect to rating agencies
Reporting per transaction
Standard reports on portfolio
Individual reports on portfolio
Basic reporting
 Export reporting
 5 BI reportsOptional
 Adjustable BI reportsOptional
BI author roleOptional

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Eddy Veenstra,
Customer Finance Director at Vanderlande in the Netherlands

“Surecomp’s vision of a collaborative trade finance process perfectly aligns with our growth. Most of our trade involves companies globally, where it is critical to make the communication process as accessible as possible and RIVO can do this.”

Valérie Bècheras Delhumeau,
VP of Group Trade Finance & Contract Engineering at Schneider Electric in France

“Having access to aggregated ESG data always provides better visibility and enables companies to establish controls over its trade counterparties. Solutions like RIVO™ aim to add visibility in this regard. It’s not just about improving the efficiency of processes to drive growth, it’s imperative to secure the future of our planet and society.”

Stephan Mazurkiewicz,
VP Trade Finance and Insurance at TRATON in Germany

“With reduced reliance on our internal IT infrastructure, we now have the accessibility, agility and efficiency to support TRATON’s “Global Champion Strategy.”

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