Collaborative trade finance processing

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Seamless corporate collaboration with RIVO

  • Powerful application to manage your trade finance business
  • Paperless processing with digital document exchange
  • Flexible integration with the entire trade finance ecosystem
  • Enriched data insights & decision support including ESG and fraud prevention
We enable financial institutions to manage their trade finance business more efficiently with every corporate customer, to collaborate across the entire ecosystem and leverage data insights for improved trade productivity.

Key benefits

  • Collaboration
    Secure, centralized access to every trade finance counterparty
  • Integration
    Flexible API-based collaboration with the extended trade finance ecosystem
  • Insights
    Enriched decision support with data-driven insights
  • Paperless process
    MLETR-compliant digital documents, e.g. digital guarantees
  • Fraud prevention
    Duplicate financing invoice verification and identification to reduce fraud exposure
  • Sustainability
    Transaction-based ESG tracking and scoring
  • Security
    Centralized document management for version control, transparency and auditing

Key features

  • Intuitive dashboard for ease of use
  • Full lifecycle support of letters of credit, standby-LCs, guarantees, collections
  • Digital MLETR-ready document exchange
  • Transaction-based ESG tracking and scoring
  • Duplicate invoice financing fraud detection
  • Premium data quality with legal entity identifier
  • Workflow configuration
  • Advanced BI reporting
  • Cloud security, two factor authentication, SSO
  • Sandbox test environment

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Free of charge
Starter Plan
Summary features
  • Secure collaboration channel
  • Guarantee /SBLC transaction management
  • Manage attachments
  • Unlimited number of corporates
  • Legal Entity Identifier enabled
  • Configurable web UI
  • Flat file exchange
  • Basic reporting (Homepage and Excel report)
  • Access to knowledge hub
  • Manage 1 internal unit
  • Manage 1 financial institution
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Business Plan
Summary features

Starter features plus:

  • L/C management
  • Guarantee text editor
  • Manage standard charges
  • Basic limit management
  • Basic BI reporting
  • Connection to Surecomp systems
  • Sandbox environment
  • ICC/SWIFT Guarantee API access
  • Fintech partner access (number upon request)
  • Adjustable workflow
  • Issue immutable electronic documents
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Enterprise Plan
Summary features

Business features plus:

  • Create custom workflows
  • Issue electronic documents of title
  • eBL presentation under LC
  • Integrate into banking portal
  • Custom BI reporting
  • Working Capital Finance (SCF)
  • SSO
  • Custom fields
  • Create custom workflows
  • Enhanced limit management
  • Enhanced charges management
  • White labelled mono-banking portal
  • Open API access
  • GenAI email converter
  • Fintech partner access (number upon request)

Compare features

Guarantees & SBLCs
L/Cs & Collections
Electronic BL presentation under LCsOptional
Guarantee text editor
Working Capital FinanceOptional
Configurable UI
Multi-Factor-Authenticationmailmailmail, sms
Single Sign onOptional
Workflow configuration
Workflow configurationStarterBusinessEnterprise
Adjust workflow templates
Create custom fieldsOptional
Create custom workflows
Digital documents
Digital documentsStarterBusinessEnterprise
 Receive any document with a transaction
 Attach pdf documents <10 MB to a transaction
 Attach any document <10 MB to a transactionOptional
 Attach any document <250 MB to a transactionOptional
 Issue immutable electronic documentsOptional
 Issue electronic documents of title (MLETR compliant)
Limit & Charges management
Limit & Charges managementStarterBusinessEnterprise
1 Limit per customer
1 Limit per customer per product
Multiple limits per customer group
Set standard charges
Individual charges per customerOptional
Multiple charges per customer group
White-labelled mono-bank version
White-labelled mono-bank versionStarterBusinessEnterprise
Stand alone (
Integratable to bank portal (
Application, database and machine hosting on AWS
Daily backups of application, database and machine
Regular disaster recovery
Data storage, years101010
Sandbox with dummy data
Sandbox with productive data on demand
Regular productive data load
Knowledge and Help center
Training Academy
Customer Success Manager
Amendable contract
Individual contract
Connection to internal systems
Connection to internal systemsStarterBusinessEnterprise
Flat file exchange
Surecomp channels
 Guarantee API (ICC/SWIFT, RIVO)
Call RIVO’s open APIsOptional
 GenAI email converter
 Individual interfacing
Connect to external systems
Connect to external systemsStarterBusinessEnterprise
Embedded partnersOptional
3rd party of Surecomp partnership programOptional
Other FintechsOptional
Managed Services
Managed ServicesStarterBusinessEnterprise
Co-Develop individual services
Host and manage individual services
Secure collaboration chat
Full audit trail
Data enrichment
Data enrichmentStarterBusinessEnterprise
Legal entity identifier (LEI) basic function
Verifyable legal entity identifier (vLEI)
Corporate Trade ProfileOptional
BI Reporting
BI ReportingStarterBusinessEnterprise
Basic reporting
Default BI reportsOptional
 Adjustable BI reports

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DZ Bank
Thomas Arendt,
Head of Documentary Trade at DZ Bank in Germany

“As a leading trade finance bank processing thousands of transactions every year, RIVO perfectly meets our need to centralize and digitize our corporate communication channel. It will transform the efficiency of our customer service and work in harmony with Surecomp’s back-office processing solution.”

George Wilson,
Head of Trade Finance at Investec in South Africa

“Seeing the innovative development of the RIVO platform, particularly with regards to ESG scoring and tracking, we are confident this technology partnership will be instrumental in ensuring the success of our trade finance business.”

Sabine Zucker,
Head of Group Transaction Banking at RBI.

“Recognizing Surecomp’s market standing and its adoption by numerous prominent European trade finance banks, we appreciated their grasp of our business needs, attention to customer experience, and their practical methodology. This move will undoubtedly facilitate growth and allow us to focus on developing new markets.”

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