Toronto, May 14, 2024 – Surecomp is pleased to announce a partnership with MineHub Technologies, a leading provider of digital supply chain solutions for the commodity markets. This collaboration will see the MineHub platform embedded into Surecomp’s innovative and award-winning RIVO™ solution, to revolutionize digital trade finance specifically for the commodities sector.

Seamless integration between both platforms will visualize key data allowing commodities firms to unlock new opportunities for trade finance efficiency, transparency, and security. Customers will be able to streamline document management, communicate in real-time with trade counterparts, gain instant transaction visibility, monitor fraud risk and track ESG compliance, all of which will enable faster access to finance, supply chain resilience and sustainability.

Andrea Aranguren, President & CEO of MineHub stated, “We are excited to partner with Surecomp to empower our users to drive greater efficiency and value across the commodities supply chain.  As MineHub and Surecomp embark on this partnership, we look forward to delivering transformative solutions that will shape the future of trade finance in the commodities sector.”

“Global trade is set to grow this year, despite the current geo-political and economic landscape,” says Enno-Burghard Weitzel, Surecomp’s Chief Solutions Officer. “In welcoming MineHub to the RIVO platform and embedding trade finance into the commodities supply chain, we are continuing our mission to enable seamless, sustainable trade for everyone. By removing the technological barriers and fostering collaboration, we are facilitating real-time access to favorable trade finance, allowing many commodity traders to accelerate trade flows and reduce costs, reducing the risk of logistics disruption, paper-based inertia and fraud risk exposure.”

About MineHub Technologies

MineHub is the digital supply chain platform for the commodity markets, making raw material supply chains more efficient, resilient and sustainable. MineHub provides enterprise-grade digital solutions that connect buyers, sellers, laboratories and financiers within physical commodities supply chains in a digitally integrated workflow powered by data that is useable, shareable, verifiable and unforgeable. Users of MineHub solutions are in full control of their supply chains, enabling them to optimize their use of resources, respond better and faster to disruptions, and provide a better customer service. Global enterprises already use MineHub solutions as part of their logistics, compliance, trade management and financing operations. Minehub is a publicly traded company on the Canadian stock exchange (TSX.V:MHUB). Its notable customers include BHP, Codelco and Sumitomo Corporation.

For further information regarding MineHub, please email or visit their website at