Data protection standards

It is integral to our collaborative trade finance ethos that we uphold the highest security and data protection standards, and that our customers have the utmost confidence in our service level.

We collect and process information when we truly need it to provide a service to our customers and subject to our Privacy Policy.

You are free to refuse our request for your information, with the understanding that we may be unable to provide you with some of your desired services. Please follow the instructions in our Privacy Policy for any such request.

We don’t share any information publicly or with third parties, except when required to by law.

Intellectual property protection

Providing a true collaborative trade finance platform includes the use of third party services. We apply the highest standards with respect to intellectual property rights to ensure that only services covered by the relevant licenses are provided to users.

At the same time, we invest in our own services on a continual basis to equip you with the best user experience. To protect our own intellectual property rights, we use a range of services among others filing for patents.

SOC 2 Compliance

Surecomp’s RIVO™ successfully underwent an external audit with respect to ISAE 3000 (SOC 2) Type II  standards. The audit was conducted by KPMG and covers the period from June 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022.

The full report is available on demand.

Since then, no material changes with respect to the scope of the audit have been implemented.

Surecomp will undergo another external audit at the beginning of 2024 to cover the period of 2023.

Chief Information Security Officer

SWIFT Certification

Surecomp’s back-office processing solutions DOKA-NG™ and IMEX™, as well as its front-office COR-TF™ solution are all fully SWIFT certified. The applications are certified as fully compatible with SWIFT’s 2023 release of its trade finance (MT) message types, providing assurance to all its customers using the SWIFT network.

Operational status update

Our commitment to ensuring business continuity and a smooth service delivery at all times is of paramount importance. To view a real-time operational status update across all our solutions, please click below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is RIVO designed to help?

A centralized digital trade finance hub, RIVO brings together corporates, financial institutions and fintechs to efficiently collaborate on finalizing a transaction in the timeliest way.

Which (banking) products are covered?

Letters of credit, bank guarantees, documentary collections, supply chain finance, duplicate invoicing fraud prevention, digital documents / MLETR-compliance and ESG scoring.

How does the platform cooperate with banks?

Financial institutions can use the platform as a standalone web interface or fully integrated with their back-office trade finance system. They can subscribe to the platform themselves or be invited to collaborate by a corporate client.


What technology is the solution built on?
RIVO is a cloud-based solution for trade finance collaboration built entirely on AWS (Amazon Web Services) infrastructure.

What about system stability?
It adheres to industry standard IT penetration and security testing

Is it suitable for large numbers of users?
RIVO is a scalable solution suitable for both enterprise and smaller business processes with global requirements and any number of users.

Is it a SaaS solution?
RIVO is a SaaS-native solution available in a range of monthly subscription packages.

What about IT-compliance?
ISO27001 and SOC2 certification is currently in progress.

How often are updates made?
Minor updates are released on a monthly basis with a major release every quarter. New releases are automatically included in the subscription.

What planned IT developments are there?
Surecomp commits to a development roadmap on quarterly basis in continuous alignment with the design partner group.

Which languages are covered?
RIVO is multi-language with English and German as primary languages. French, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese will soon be available.

Data security FAQs

Where is the data stored?
Data is stored within the European Union and is fully GDPR compliant. For further details, see the ‘Trust us’ page on the RIVO website

Onboarding FAQs

What is your experience on the time required for onboarding?
The onboarding takes 4- 6 weeks on average and will be supported by our Customer Success team.

How many IT staff are needed for implementation?
Typically, no IT staff are required for the onboarding to RIVO. The onboarding is divided in 3 phases, the following profiles on the customer side are recommended – Process Lead (Admin), Core Business Team, Data Leads.

What is the current interoperability with other platforms?
From a trade finance back-office perspective RIVO connects natively with Surecomp systems and via APIs with those of other providers. For connectivity with other third-party applications such as ERPs, CRMs, shipping systems, ESG etc, RIVO can be integrated with any system which is API compatible. Connectivity to other trade finance platforms is also supported via APIs.

Rights and user management FAQs

What user roles are there?
In the standard version, Admin, Requestor and Approver roles are available. In the more advanced plans, a rules engine is available to cater for individual approval workflows with multiple approval levels.

Is 4-eyes principle ensured?

Is there a 2-factor authentication?

Is single-sign-on available?