Full Supply Chain Finance automation with DOKA-NG™ & RIVO™

Need to scale-up fast to meet demand for invoice financing?

Improve processing power with digital solutions

Struggling to maintain visibility and control of open account credit lines?

Time to invest in an end-to-end supply chain finance solution

Is supply chain finance at the forefront of your growth strategy?

Optimize growth potential with faster response times

Market volatility is driving an increased demand for optimized working capital management and supply chain resilience. Financial institutions are under more pressure than ever to deliver value to their customers, to enable buyers and sellers across the globe to improve their free cash flow position and improve working capital for both sides.

Our full end-to-end supply chain finance solution allows banks to seamlessly automate the processing of supply chain finance transactions. From receiving the customer request via our real-time collaborative trade finance platform RIVO™, to measuring risk exposure and eligibility criteria in the back-office via DOKA-NG™, our solution provides a transparent, flexible and scalable means of enhancing your supply chain finance process.

Our comprehensive and configurable solution handles any volume of supply chain finance transactions, supporting seamless open API connectivity with your corporate clients’ ERP systems and the wider trade tech ecosystem. Enabling rich data exchange that lowers the verity risk, our scalable solution promotes real-time processing and decision-support for improved transaction efficiency, visibility and a superior customer service.


Key Benefits

  • Scale-up transaction volume and drive growth
  • Strengthen client satisfaction and loyalty
  • Monitor credit risk exposure
  • Improve liquidity and trade relations for your clients
  • Gain competitive advantage

Key Features

  • Approved payables finance (Supply Chain Finance)
  • Receivables finance
  • Highly configurable fee set-up and invoice filtering
  • Real-time corporate communication (i.e. notifications, fees, terms etc..)
  • Customizable client dashboard or via bank’s own portal
  • Multi-entity capabilities (multi-bank/corporate, multi-country, multi-branch, multi-currency)
  • Advanced reporting
  • Open API layer with pre-connected fintech hub

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