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We partner with corporates and financial institutions of every size and type in more than 80 countries in every continent (except Antarctica)! The one characteristic they all have in common is an appetite for change and process optimization. Through a drive for growth and customer satisfaction they understand the benefits of embracing technology.

Ankit Patel
IT Application Manager, DNB Technology & Services

“We are extremely happy with the successful deployment of our SWIFT-compliant upgrades. The Surecomp team has worked diligently to ensure success and we thank everyone in the team for their support and commitment during this process.”

Intan Wijaya, Head of Transaction Banking and Supply Chain

“Technology is evolving so rapidly that I don’t believe trade finance is a domain banks can afford to tackle on their own.” “With so many parties involved, it commands collaboration, cooperation and partnership. It is important to be flexible and open to working with expert solution providers to act in the customers’ best interest. The Surecomp team demonstrated robust functionality, a deep understanding of our needs and built a trust upon which we can future-proof our trade finance business.”

Leon Hultermans
Product Manager for Trade Services, Rabobank

“We have put a great deal of effort into becoming an innovation hub over the past few years. Such solid growth in trade activity and revenue is testament to the power of technology.”

DZ Bank
Thomas Arendt, Head of Documentary Trade
DZ Bank

“As Germany’s second largest bank and a leading trade finance bank processing thousands of transactions every year, RIVO perfectly meets our need to centralize and digitize our corporate communication channel. It will transform the efficiency of our customer service and work in harmony with DOKA-NG, Surecomp’s back-office processing solution.”


“Surecomp has helped BanBif handle 30% annual trade finance growth. Once our customers start using the front-end application, they don't stop, particularly our heavy users.”

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