Front Office Trade Finance Processing for Bank’s Corporate Clients

Financial institutions are under greater pressure than ever to deliver digital trade finance solutions to their customers; to enable buyers and sellers across the globe to secure lending with ease and speed to improve their free cash flow position and improve working capital.

Our web-based trade finance solution allNETT™ is designed for use by bank’s corporate customers and their subsidiaries. Accessed via an intuitive graphical user interface which can be white labelled as the bank’s own front-end, corporates can effortlessly initiate and manage a full range of trade finance transactions in real-time. allNETT™ integrates with any back-office trade finance solution or can be used as a stand-alone application for fully digitized corporate to bank communication to significantly improve customer service, increase revenue and decrease costs.

Providing real-time status updates to support the transaction lifecycle, allNETT™ is rapidly deployed by banks of every size across the world to improve competitive edge, customer retention and bottom-line profitability.


Key Benefits

  • Automate trade finance processing and eliminate manual, paper-based document exchange
  • Reduce operating costs via increased efficiency
  • Optimize customer experience and satisfaction
  • Improve transparency and compliance
  • Streamline full trade finance management within a unified system
  • Gain a holistic view for credit control

Key Features

  • White label capability to customize design and bank branding
  • Real-time customer communication including drafting, approval/rejection and live chat
  • Full trade finance instrument coverage
  • Multi-entity deployment
  • Multi-language support including built-in language translation
  • Enhanced security including single-sign-on and multi-factor authentication
  • Robust authorization engine and complete audit trail
  • Attachment, template and standard text support for efficient processing and reduced friction
  • Data visualization dashboards and advanced reporting
  • Alerts and notifications

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