Toronto, Canada, 29 October 2020 – Surecomp®, the leading provider of global trade finance solutions for banks and corporates, today announced ThetaRay as the latest fintech partner to be live on its Marketplace platform. Fully integrated with Surecomp’s back-office trade finance solutions, financial crime solution ThetaRay can now be accessed through open API connectivity to help banks and corporates mitigate the risks of trade based anti-money laundering (AML), fraud and automatic teller machine (ATM) security breaches.

Entering the market to great acclaim last year, ThetaRay is built on big data, artificial intelligence-based analytics used to detect suspicious behavior, real-time anomalies and to uncover previously unidentified risks. One of the most cutting-edge solutions of its kind, ThetaRay plays a critical role in the trade finance digitization journey.

“As financial cyber-crime continues to rise, banks and corporates need to deploy significant measures to protect themselves against fraud, money laundering and suspicious behavior,” explains ThetaRay Chief Executive Officer Mark Gazit. “Surecomp customers can now benefit from our intuitive artificial intelligence, machine learning-based platform to further strengthen their digital risk management strategy.”

“Our Marketplace delivers added value to our customers through direct access to complementary fintech solutions within the trade finance ecosystem,” explains Tsafrir Attar, Surecomp’s VP of Digitization. “ThetaRay is one such solution we are pleased to bring to people’s attention, given that – now more than ever – financial crime is an ever-growing risk that many firms often don’t sufficiently address.”

About ThetaRay
ThetaRay is dedicated to helping clients at large financial organizations, cyber security divisions and critical infrastructure become more resilient and seize opportunities. Its advanced analytical solutions operate with unprecedented speed, accuracy and scale enabling clients to manage risk, detect money laundering schemes, uncover fraud, expose bad loans, uncover operational issues and reveal valuable new growth opportunities. To learn more about ThetaRay visit

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Surecomp Contact:
Abby Bickford
Director of Marketing