Toronto, Canada, 5 November 2020 – Surecomp®, the leading provider of global trade finance solutions for banks and corporates, today announced the addition of another new fintech partner to its Marketplace platform. Through open API connectivity, customers can now access Windward which is a leading fintech provider of maritime predictive intelligence for trade, finance, and compliance.

Developed with the simple aim of bringing together the industry’s best-of-breed solutions for a holistic digital trade finance experience, Surecomp Marketplace customers can benefit from Windward to significantly enhance their capabilities with regards to mitigating risk whilst enhancing operational performance for transaction screening, investigating and auditing, relating to the 90% of global trade which touches the ocean.

Providing Know Your Vessel (KYV) and sanction screening to understand which entities are safe for business, advanced artificial intelligence combined with scientific data to predict behavior patterns and trends, and risk mitigation and reporting for compliance, Windward is a key addition to the digital evolution of trade finance processing.

“Risk-based compliance is of ever-increasing importance in the financial sector, requiring the industry to know everyone involved in a transaction that may trigger sanctions. Therefore, implementing new digital solutions is key,” explains Issey Ende, VP Sales, Windward. “The integration of Windward predictive intelligence into Surecomp’s fintech Marketplace will provide customers with the leading technological AI-driven solution to improve business operations, mitigate risk and employ forward-thinking business practices.”

“Our Marketplace community is growing from strength to strength,” states Tsafrir Attar, Surecomp’s VP of Digitization. “We are so excited to announce the addition of Windward, which is truly next generation maritime technology that adds critical value and should be accessible to everyone in the world of global trade.”

About Windward
Windward is the leading Predictive Intelligence company fusing AI and big data to digitalize the global maritime and trade industry, enabling organizations to achieve business and operational readiness. Windward’s AI-powered solution allows stakeholders including banks, commodity traders, insurers, and major energy and shipping companies to make real-time, predictive intelligence-driven decisions, providing a 360° view of the maritime ecosystem and its broader impact on safety, security, finance, and business.

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