Real-time open trade finance banking with APIsure

Our trade finance API platform, APIsure, is setting the standard for  open trade finance banking. Now applied to all our proprietary trade finance solutions, our open banking architecture enables banks, corporates and fintech companies across the trade finance ecosystem to break down legacy barriers and exchange data, functions and applications in real-time.

APIsure™ ensures the highest standard of security, compliance, scalability, monitoring and transparency. It offers flexible and agile back-office connectivity, alongside an API management system and API sandbox for testing and exploring new concepts. APIsure™ also includes a developer portal where partners can collaborate to develop apps and services.

Unlocking a world of opportunity through access to new products and services, APIsure™ provides real-time paperless connectivity for improved efficiency and time-to-market of trade finance products and services.

Key benefits of APIsure:

  • Streamline communication with real-time connectivity
  • Reduce risk with contactless, paperless processing
  • Improve business agility and efficiency of trade finance services
  • Enhance customer service and satisfaction
  • Reduce development and integration costs
  • Elevate competitive edge with innovative state-of-the-art digitized operations

Key features of APIsure:

  • Built-in set of trade finance APIs
  • Back-office connectivity framework
  • API sandbox testing environment
  • Advanced developer portal
  • API management platform
  • API convertor and mapping tool
  • Gold standard security & compliance
  • Out-of-the-box integration with leading services and apps

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