Customer Introduction

This company is a large global provider of automated logistics solutions for warehousing, airports, and parcel distribution. Their comprehensive portfolio includes state-of-the-art systems, advanced software, and full life-cycle services, designed to deliver quick, reliable, and efficient automation technologies. Their core mission is to optimize their clients’ business processes and enhance their competitive edge. By fostering strong partnerships, they aim to improve their clients’ operational efficiency and support the growth of their logistical capabilities.

Customer Challenge

The customer experienced significant challenges with managing their bank guarantee requests. They lacked corporate-wide visibility of the guarantees being requested, had no clear process to follow, and were unsure about their available bank credit facilities. This lack of structure led to inefficiencies and reduced control over their financial management. To address these issues, the customer implemented RIVO™  to streamline their guarantee management processes, monitor controllers’ activities worldwide, and optimize their use of bank credit facilities. RIVO™ became their central repository for all guarantee-related information, providing them with a single source of truth to manage their operations more effectively.

Solution Overview

The award-winning collaborative trade finance platform RIVO™ became the customer’s central hub for all guarantee-related activities. To support the needs of this customer, a variety of AWS services were integrated into the RIVO™ solution.

To support the needs of this customer, a variety of AWS services were integrated into the RIVO™ solution. Amazon S3 provided a scalable and reliable storage solution where all guarantee-related documents could be securely stored. Cross-region replication ensured redundancy, enhancing the platform’s resilience. The ability to index documents with OpenSearch allowed for quick retrieval and easy access to important information, helping to improve the customer’s visibility of their guarantee requests. Amazon CloudFront, AWS’s Content Delivery Network, helped ensure low-latency access for the customer’s global operations. By using CloudFront, the platform could be accessed quickly and efficiently, regardless of the user’s location. This feature was essential to support the customer’s decentralized teams.

AWS API Gateway provided a secure means for client-server communication. This capability was crucial for maintaining clear and reliable interactions within the platform. The API Gateway also supported the integration of third-party services, allowing the customer to expand their capabilities as needed. To ensure optimal reliability and uptime, Amazon CloudWatch was implemented to monitor the platform continuously. It provided real-time alerts to the operations team in case of any issues, allowing for quick responses to maintain service continuity. This level of monitoring was key to keeping the customer operations running smoothly.

Lastly, security was a major consideration for this customer. AWS Shield for DDoS Protection service was used to ensure the platform was protected from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, which are a common threat in online services. This feature provided an extra layer of security, giving the customer confidence in the platform’s resilience.

Customer Benefits

The benefits of implementing RIVO™ for this customer are significant and cater to their specific needs:

  • Enhanced Visibility and Control: With RIVO™, the customer has access to a unified platform to manage bank guarantee applications across approximately ten entities across the globe. This centralization enhances corporate visibility, allowing them to track guarantee requests and manage their credit facilities with ease.
  • Streamlined Processes: The implementation of RIVO™ helps the customer establish clear workflows for guarantee management. This reduces confusion and improves operational efficiency, enabling them to respond quickly to guarantee-related tasks.
  • User-Friendly Onboarding: RIVO’s easy onboarding process ensures that new users can quickly adapt to the platform. This minimizes the learning curve and mitigates disruption to existing workflows, facilitating faster integration of new entities.
  • Intuitive Interface: The ease-of-use of the RIVO™ system ensures that customers can navigate the platform without extensive training. This intuitive design supports quick adoption across the organization, leading to higher productivity and reduced errors.
  • Cost-Effective Subscription: The annual subscription fee provides access to RIVO’s full suite of features, making it a cost-effective solution for the customer. This predictable pricing model allows the customer to budget more effectively without worrying about hidden costs or unexpected expenses.

Overall, the implementation of RIVO™ offers the customer a robust platform for bank guarantee management, enhanced visibility, streamlined processes, ease of use, and a cost-effective subscription model. These benefits help the customer improve operational efficiency, maintain better control over their financial arrangements, and ensure a seamless user experience.

About the Partner

Surecomp® is the market-leading provider of digital trade finance solutions for corporates and financial institutions. An industry pioneer for over thirty-five years, we enable seamless, sustainable trade by breaking down barriers and fostering collaboration. Our award-winning portfolio of cloud and on-premises solutions streamlines the trade finance lifecycle for frictionless transaction processing, enhanced risk mitigation, compliance, decision support and growth. Underpinned by numerous global offices and an extensive partner network, our prestigious customer footprint spans over eighty countries across the world. Surecomp’s strong reputation and standard for excellence is further solidified by its status as an AWS software partner, with the RIVO™ solution earning AWS FTR (Foundational Technical Review) approval. This recognition underscores our dedication to delivering secure, reliable, and scalable solutions to our clients.

Choose Surecomp for unparalleled domain expertise, industry-leading technology, and a steadfast commitment to driving the future of digital trade finance. We are not just part of the industry – we are defining it, empowering our customers with the tools they need to thrive in the ever-evolving world of global trade.

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