The need for digital trade finance has never been clearer. Today’s volatile market poses many challenges for financiers and their corporate clients, including supply chain disruption, rising costs, ongoing compliance demands, risk of fraud and growing ESG scrutiny; all of which give rise to an increasingly competitive market and the need to act quickly to deliver unrivalled customer service.

But shifting to a paper-free trade finance process comes with questions, and some financiers might consider building their own in-house solution.

Watch this session to hear about the challenges this brings around cost, demand on internal resources, ongoing maintenance, time to market, regulatory compliance and ability to scale, and understand how the benefits of partnering with a dedicated solution provider can help you:

  • Improve competitive edge and customer satisfaction
  • Ease the regulatory burden of compliance and ever-changing messaging standards
  • Reduce cost of ownership and internal IT reliance
  • Optimise efficiency and agility to drive transaction growth
  • Foster collaboration across the trade ecosystem