Singapore, February 20, 2019 – Surecomp®, the leading global provider of trade finance solutions for banks and corporates, announced today a technology upgrade for a longtime banking client in the Philippine Islands. This unique enhancement simultaneously featured a core technology transformation, SWIFT 2018 compliance and a functional upgrade to the latest release of Surecomp’s back-office trade finance software. The project was completed on time and on budget.

The bank has been a Surecomp client for over twenty years and, with nearly two-trillion Philippine Peso’s (over thirty-six-billion USD) in assets, ranks among the top three banks in its country. Surecomp’s back-office trade finance software serves as a real-time processing and decision-support system that vastly improves transactional throughput, operational productivity and bank profitability. The bank is well equipped for the evolving world of 21st century banking.

The project was completed with the daunting deadline for SWIFT’s 2018 standards release in mind. Throughout the entire process, the bank and Surecomp worked in parallel as one team. “This multi-faceted upgrade was completed with a constant eye on technology innovation and is a big step forward towards trade digitalization”, said Yaron Hupert, Senior Vice President of Global Account Management at Surecomp.