Toronto, Canada, 30 June 2021 – Surecomp® today announced the addition of Coriolis Technologies to its Marketplace platform. The latest partner to join the company’s trade finance ecosystem platform is a key provider of analytics for trade and trade finance.

Founded in 2017, Coriolis Technologies has become the leading source of trade, corporate, geopolitical risk and trade-related economic data globally for the trade finance sector. Coriolis Technology data is collected from multiple sources and uses predictive analytics based on leading edge AI practice.

“We help our clients to understand the impact of what they don’t know as well as the impact of what they do. Over the past three years we have grown to be a major player in the trade-tech space,” explains Coriolis Technologies Chief Executive, Dr. Rebecca Harding. “Our reputation is based on the power and success of our data to predict the likelihood of trade wars and our capacity to analyze trade as a major component of national security strategies which is why we are proud to be an accredited Marketplace partner of Surecomp.”

“Surecomp upholds the firm view that collaboration is key to successful trade finance digitization,” states Enno-Burghard Weitzel, SVP Strategy, Digitization and Business Development at Surecomp. “Not only does our Marketplace embrace collaboration by the nature of its open API architecture, but we carefully select ecosystem partners we believe will add real value to our customers in helping them grow their business. Coriolis is one of the most notable fintech partners because the insights provided are fundamental to ensuring secure and sustainable trade.”

About Coriolis Technologies

Through its MultiLateral data platform, Coriolis Technologies is democratizing access to sophisticated trade data and models by providing businesses and banks with a tool to identify opportunities, assess risks and access supply chain partners and finance globally. Using MultiLateral data and analysis Coriolis technology has developed three unique products, providing three key solutions for trade professionals:

  1. Coriolis Technologies Atlas: International SME onboarding offering personalized access to trade finance providers; SME “trade finance readiness” scoring against KYC, AML, dual use goods and SDGs
  2. Coriolis Technologies Kosmos: Environmental, Social, and Governance monitoring and passporting of the world’s companies, supply chains, and nations by trade product; and
  3. Coriolis Technologies Primacy: Sophisticated scenario planning in secure online environments, and trade wargaming with leading experts in security and economic fields.

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