In today’s uncertain world, companies need to secure trade finance as quickly as possible to support their international trade. Waiting days or sometimes weeks for a bank guarantee approvals gives rise to FX exposure risk, rising transaction costs and working capital constraints, putting trade agreements in jeopardy.

Adopting a paperless process not only supports the growing ESG scrutiny and legislative shift to electronic trade documents but enables centralised bank communication and credit management control for holistic and expedited guarantee management.

Watch this Surecomp and Global Treasurer webinar to learn how empowering trade agreements with digital trade finance application can ease the burden of supply chain disruptions and drive growth.

Hear how to:

  • Address today’s most pressing trade-related challenges faced by corporates of every size
  • Demand better trade finance service from your banks
  • Optimise your trade finance process for same-day guarantee approvals
  • Actively monitor your trade-based ESG footprint




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