Gain real-time visibility and control of cash with our treasury management solution, Trade 10™

We offer a comprehensive system to automate trading room transactions, accounting and reconciliation. A flexible, modular and scalable solution, our treasury management software for banks, Trade 10™, easily integrates with official trading markets, legacy and complementary systems for rapid deployment and fast return on investment.

Trade 10™ draws on more than 25 years of developer experience in treasury and capital markets to transform business capabilities and reduces costs. A powerful and agile solution, Trade 10™ ensures regulatory compliance of all trading and risk operations across multiple local and international jurisdictions.

Key benefits of Trade 10:

  • Achieve full transparency for compliance and auditability
  • Automate and consolidate transaction processing
  • Gain real-time visibility and control
  • Promote seamless, real-time interoperability and integration with third parties
  • Drive future growth through scalability
  • Optimize return on investment through reduced cost of ownership

Key features of Trade 10:

  • Order management: stocks, bonds, derivatives, FX, money-market
  • Workflow management: Pre & post-trade controls
  • Portfolio management: Positions, P&L, cash flow
  • Risk management: Bank positions and customer limits
  • Automation of all SWIFT messaging
  • Open API connectivity
  • Compliance and regulatory reporting

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Case Study

With headquarters in Buenos Aires, Banco de la Nación Argentina is Argentina's number one bank.

The bank was looking for a software solution that would help improve their business in the treasury and capital markets, whilst also taking a progressive and forward-thinking approach to financial digitalisation.

They decided to implement our purpose-built treasury management software for banks, Trade 10.

“We are thrilled to partner with Banco de la Nación Argentina”, said Matias Hutin, Commercial Leader of Surecomp Latin America.

“The selection of Trade 10 will be a milestone for the bank to move to the new era of digitalization of their investments. We welcome them as well as their clients who will have access to a state-of-the-art web front-end system.”

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Our clients

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Leon Hultermans
Product Manager for Trade Services

“We have put a great deal of effort into becoming an innovation hub over the past few years. Such solid growth in trade activity and revenue is testament to the power of technology.”


What is a treasury management system?

Treasury management systems help automate many of the manual, repetitive tasks associated with treasury management. Through innovative and scalable software, a bank can significantly improve key treasury processes, ensure compliance, gain greater control and scale its growth.

Why do we need a treasury management system?

Implementing treasury management software can aid an organisation’s digitalisation efforts. This should be a key focus for any organisation, given the benefits associated with digitalisation, like reduced costs, scalability, efficiency, and compliance.

How long does it take to implement Trade10?

The time it takes to implement our treasury management system can depend on your organisation’s circumstances. However, we can accommodate swift implementations if required. For example, one of our most recent customers went live with Trade10 just three months after signing the contract. You can read about it here.

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Automate trading room transactions, accounting and reconciliation with our treasury management software for banks. Flexible, modular and scalable. Contact our team to learn more.

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