Based on a deep understanding of evolving industry requirements, our innovative supply chain finance solution is extremely flexible and completely independent. By optimizing working capital, improving cash flow management and strengthening trade relationships, SCF-PRO enables agility in response to changing customer and market demands, delivering value to banks across the globe.

Automating key supply chain finance processes, SCF-PRO handles both payables and receivables financing. It monitors risk exposure, filters invoices by eligibility criteria and provides flexibility with charging interest and fees. The SWIFT-certified solution integrates easily with existing back and front-office environments for seamless financing process optimization.

Key features

  • Approved payables finance (reverse factoring)
  • Receivables finance (dynamic discounting)
  • Highly configurable fee set-up
  • SWIFT certified
  • Customizable client dashboard or via bank’s own portal
  • Real-time notifications
  • Multi-entity capabilities (multi-bank/corporate, multi-country, multi-branch)
  • Advanced reporting

Key benefits

  • Drive growth
  • Strengthen customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Monitor risk exposure
  • Improve liquidity and cash flow
  • Gain competitive advantage

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