How RIVO helps



Collaborative document management; draft, issue, amend
Real-time advice and notifications between transaction parties
Centralized communication for ease of tracking and version control


Acceleration of trade finance transaction processing
Electronic issue and exchange of MLETR-ready digital documents
Efficient and timely resolution of document requests, queries, approvals and rejections


Real-time management of credit limits and utilization
Transaction-based ESG tracking and scoring
Mitigation of trade finance-based fraud risk

Benefits for your business

RIVO is the cloud-based platform enabling every trade finance transaction to be managed in the most efficient way.

Bringing together the entire trade finance ecosystem, it is a digital hub providing open API access to importers, exporters, banks, insurers, shipping companies and fintechs. Hosted securely with the world’s leading cloud providers, RIVO is designed to centralize document management for version control, transparency and auditing to accelerate global trade and drive growth.

Accessible to everyone, everywhere…

We work with companies across the globe, here is a small selection of RIVO customers.


Collaborative trade finance…just imagine!

Imagine a world where everyone can communicate seamlessly via a single web-based channel; where corporates can connect with multiple lenders; banks and insurers can issue finance faster; and fintechs are collaborating rather than competing…


Introducing RIVO

Our collaborative trade finance platform – a digital hub through which any trade finance instrument can be managed to centralize and accelerate processing.