TradeConnect Web

Automating electronic communication between banks and their trade users


  • Increase business throughput by utilizing STP features
  • Expand customer activity with enhanced corporate image
  • Capture customer business flows by delivering online service
  • Retain customers by providing e-trade services
  • Improve bottom line by expanding business without increasing overhead

Seamlessly interfacing and designed exclusively for DOKA-NG®, TradeConnect® Web is an out-of-the-box trade finance front-end system for the bank’s corporate trade users with low-to-medium levels of transaction volume. Automating the electronic communication between the bank and its corporate trade users to deliver effective customer support, TradeConnect Web enables the initiation as well as the follow-up on a broad range of trade finance transactions including import/export letters of credit (LCs), import/export collections and guarantees, and the ongoing management of amendments, utilizations and settlements. TradeConnect Web also includes an array of standard reporting features.

Real-time communication between the corporate trade user and the bank’s trade finance back-office system (DOKA-NG) via standard electronic messages helps drive more efficient trade processes and strengthens the bank’s relationship with its corporate trade users. Corporate trade users appreciate the replacement of paper-based manual processes with electronic forms, documentation and workflows, and the fact that all parties in the trade cycle are securely connected. As a result, the bank’s response/processing times and related costs are all reduced, while STP rates are improved.

Banks provide greater self-service elements through TradeConnect Web, further strengthening the relationship between the bank and its corporate trade users and delivering a competitive advantage. TradeConnect Web is fully SWIFT- and ICC-compliant, and is easily integrated into the bank’s web portal and IT environment.


  • Multi-language capabilities – enables corporate users to work in their native language
  • Web-based system – requires no installation at the corporate end and runs immediately on standard Web browsers
  • Secure system – runs under a bank's security framework, enabling the implementation of single sign on and digital signature, as well as a full audit trail for all system actions