Receivables Management


Factoring & Receivables Management System

  • Increase client-to-staff ratio through greater automation
  • Achieve industry-leading automated payment allocation rate of over 85%
  • Improve client service while reducing operational overhead
  • Boost funding opportunities by up to 20% via improved risk management
  • Minimize time and cost of new product implementation


allFAC is Surecomp’s market-leading receivables management system. The industry’s most comprehensive solution, allFAC caters to multi-sized businesses – from small domestic factoring-only firms to global multi-entity, multi-product organizations. The system automates a wide range of receivables management activities including factoring, invoice discounting, asset-based lending, reverse factoring and invoice-level funding. Featuring an online, Web-based client interface, allFAC enables a factor’s clients to request payments and manage their accounts in a real-time environment, providing them with a user-friendly “self-service” system.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology and incorporating in-depth factoring and receivables management expertise, allFAC is highly flexible, thereby ensuring cost-effective and easy implementation. A robust, field-proven system, allFAC is operable on virtually any platform, enabling clients to fully leverage their investments in existing technology. Equipped with a brandable and intuitive Web interface for both internal and external users, the Java J2EE-based system is fully configurable, and includes a comprehensive range of general system and specific local settings. allFAC incorporates a workflow engine that provides full and flexible automation for standard business processes based on customized business rules.

Available either through a fully licensed or ASP model, the highly secure allFAC system features full disaster recovery, business continuity and high availability options. Supporting FCI (Factors Chain International) and IFG (International Factors Group) standards and practices, allFAC offers complete international functionality as well as multi-currency, multi-lingual support and comprehensive import and export capabilities. Suitable for organizations of any size, the state-of-the-art system improves efficiency, reduces operating costs and generates additional revenues.

  • Broad receivables management functionality – supports a range of receivables management activity from international factoring and invoice level funding to reverse factoring and invoice discounting
  • Easy external system integration – delivers a comprehensive set of interfaces, including general ledger and client Web access, enabling easy external systems integration
  • Workflow-driven actions – features a workflow engine at its core that provides full and flexible automation for standard business processes based on individualized business rules
  • Low risk – significantly minimizes risk via extensive use of EDI (electronic date interchange), while interfacing with leading risk management solutions
  • Multi-lingual, multi-currency support – translates into any language and supports any currency or specific field format
  • Online Web-based interface – enables factor’s clients to manage their accounts in real time
  • In-depth reporting – generates a wide range of standard letters and reports, which can either be viewed online or automatically emailed to clients as a PDF
  • Flexible charging – provides comprehensive charging facilities including the ability to utilize fixed or variable fees