High-Volume Back-Office Trade Finance System


  • Double transaction volume throughput without increasing headcount
  • Achieve industry-leading straight-through processing (STP) rate of over 90%
  • Reduce operating costs by 30% via increased efficiency
  • Limit operational risk via credit and operational control
  • Capture customer business flows by delivering end-to-end online service
  • Build competitive edge with innovative Web-based client access

IMEX® is the world’s leading back-office trade finance solution designed for banks with high volumes of trade activity. Serving as a real-time processing and decision-support system, IMEX is a comprehensive back-office solution that fully addresses the diverse needs of a bank’s trade services department. IMEX handles the entire range of trade finance transactions – including issued and received letters of credit (L/Cs), standbys, clean and documentary collections, clean payments, guarantees, reimbursements, syndications and participations – and supports both integrated and stand-alone financing, discounting and forfaiting.

A SWIFT-certified application that conforms to major international regulations – including UCP600, URR525 and ISP98 – IMEX helps banks meet evolving trends such as supply chain finance (SCF). IMEX fully integrates with allNETT, Surecomp’s Web-based remote customer front-end system.

IMEX provides all required modules in one open, integrated system, leading to seamless consolidation of data across various transaction types. Equipped with advanced monitoring and control tools, IMEX requires no software installation on user workstations other than a standard browser. Adopted by major banks worldwide, IMEX vastly improves throughput, productivity and profitability.

Surecomp consistently devotes a high percentage of revenues to ongoing R&D, ensuring that IMEX retains its position as the world’s leading back-office trade finance system and that IMEX clients can fully leverage their initial investment.


  • High STP level – enables automatic processing of several types of SWIFT messages and automatic data mapping of incoming messages and electronic banking transactions
  • User-friendly system – features a fully Web-enabled browser user interface (BUI), context-sensitive multi-language help facilities, and a system-wide “search and retrieve” function
  • Bank system interfaces – interfaces easily with all internal and external systems including communications, treasury, accounting, security and others
  • Multi-entity solution – supports multi-bank, multi-country, and multi-branch configurations
  • Workflow management system – supports domestic, regional or global hub-and-spoke operations
  • Fully integrated data warehouse – facilitates user creation of any ad hoc or scheduled report
  • Web-based front end – integrates seamlessly with allNETT, Surecomp’s Web-based customer front-end trade finance system and other industry-standard front-end products


UniCredit Tiriac Bank, Romania Deploys Surecomp’s IMEX Trade Finance Solution