Front-to-Back Trade Finance


Most banks providing trade services now recognize the need to offer customers a best-of-breed trade finance front-end system to supplement their existing back-office infrastructure. The front-end system should be easy to use and functionally rich, so that banks can increase customer satisfaction and retention. Due to competitive pressures, such a system often must be implemented within weeks in order to demonstrate concrete results to banking customers.

To maximize use and efficiency of the customer front end, it should be fully integrated with the bank’s back-office trade finance system. However, establishing an end-to-end trade finance solution – incorporating both customer front-end and bank back-office systems – is a challenging task. Front-to-back integration can prove difficult due to legacy back-office systems, which often are incapable of receiving real-time feeds, mapping data input by customers, and downloading required data to the customer.

Success depends on establishing an innovative, world-class front-to-back solution backed by quality customer service from a vendor of repute.

End-to-End Trade Finance Solution

Surecomp delivers integrated end-to-end trade finance solutions comprised of best-of-class front-end and back-office systems. On the bank’s back-office side, Surecomp offers several systems, each targeted for different levels of usage, geographical location and IT infrastructure. On the customer’s front-end side, Surecomp offers a single, unified J2EE-compliant system that is fully integrated with all of Surecomp’s back-office systems. Due to its highly open architecture, the front-end system also easily integrates with third-party or in-house back-office systems.

Regardless of a bank’s location, size, geographical spread of operations, or transaction volume, Surecomp has a front-to-back trade finance solution that meets the specific needs of each and every client.


Surecomp appreciates that full implementation of the back-office system can take time, thereby delaying deployment of a front-to-back solution. The bank, for example, may require customization of the system. In addition, the system must be installed, configured to the bank’s specific practices, interfaced to multiple internal systems, tested and moved to production. As a result, implementation of Surecomp’s back-office systems usually takes a number of months. Yet not every bank is prepared to wait for the completion of back-office implementation before launching its customer front-end services.

That is why Surecomp also provides a stand-alone version of its front-end system, which can be launched as an interim solution in just a few weeks. Immediately following completion of the back-office production run, the fully integrated solution can be made available to the bank.

This end-to-end approach means that banks licensing any of the Surecomp’s back-office systems together with its front-end system face little-to-no integration challenges.

End-to-End Solution Benefits

Banks around the world that already have implemented a Surecomp front-to-back trade finance solution are now reaping the benefits. They, along with their customers, are embracing the integrated end-to-end solution with great enthusiasm.
Bank Perspective
  • Rapid end-to-end implementation and integration
  • Vastly reduced data input due to automatic data mapping
  • Faster transaction turnaround – complex transactions completed in minutes
  • Proven increase in business volume due to enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Extremely short ROI – as low as 6 months
Customer Perspective
  • 24 X 7 system usage – no downtime
  • Extremely fast implementation of front-end system
  • Internet access from any location – no software installation
  • Customer initiation of any type of trade finance transaction
  • Easy portfolio organization and management via multi-language help tool

Why Surecomp?

  • Proven: Surecomp’s trade finance systems are already implemented at hundreds of banks and corporations worldwide, including major national, regional and global banks.
  • Experienced: Surecomp has been active in the trade finance banking industry since 1987, and has acquired vast knowledge of local and regional practices.
  • State-of-the-Art: Surecomp’s cutting-edge trade finance solutions are developed in-house by teams of dedicated IT and banking specialists.
  • Best-of-Breed: Surecomp’s back-office and front-end systems are widely acknowledged as the leading offerings in their respective areas.