Configurable Back-Office Trade Finance System


  • Improve control over bank’s entire trade finance operations via integrated workflow
  • Double transaction volume throughput without increasing headcount
  • Reduce operating costs via increased efficiency
  • Limit operational risk via credit and operational control
  • Capture customer business flows by delivering end-to-end online service
  • Build competitive edge with innovative Web-based client access

DOKA-NG® is a configurable back-office trade finance solution for local and regional banks. Modular and highly scalable, DOKA-NG carries out daily processing on a transaction-type basis, automatically executing all necessary working steps within each transaction. Featuring an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), users have access to all transaction screens, the information system, and full online documentation at all times.

DOKA-NG handles the full range of trade finance transactions – including import and export letters of credit (L/Cs), inward and outward collections and guarantees, transferable L/Cs, back-to-back L/Cs, standby L/Cs, reimbursements, participations and syndications, assignments, advances, foreign payments, clean payments, fund transfers and cash letters. While all major back-office trade finance functions are integrated in the product upon delivery, DOKA-NG features a comprehensive range of tool-kit options enabling streamlined customization of settings according to user preferences and transaction types. DOKA-NG is available in English and German, and can be adapted to other languages as required.

DOKA-NG is a SWIFT-certified application that conforms to ICC regulations. DOKA-NG fully integrates with TradeConnect® Web and allNETT®, Surecomp's Web-based remote customer front-end systems for banks.


  • Automated daily processing – processes all necessary steps arising from an incoming written or electronic message in a single transaction
  • Specialized transactions – carries out all specialized banking transactions, including openings, amendments and free-format correspondence, supported by an integrated diary system and static data management
  • Integrated workflow – places all saved transactions within an integrated workflow architecture, which automatically executes a number of services per transaction, handles release functions and supports straight-through processing (STP)
  • Enhanced security – features multi-level procedures and comprehensive components for passive and active security to guarantee high-level protection of transaction data and application processes
  • User-friendly operation – features an intuitive graphical user interface that allows even inexperienced users to operate the system easily and confidently
  • Automatic correspondence generation – allows distribution of correspondence to all relevant parties in a wide variety of formats including letters, emails, telexes, SWIFT messages, Bolero messages and faxes
  • Built-in multi-language capabilities – enables users to add interface languages beyond English and German utilizing an integrated translation tool
  • Web-based bank customer front ends – seamlessly integrates with TradeConnect Web, Surecomp's front end for banks' corporate customers with low-to-medium transaction volumes, and allNETT, Surecomp's front end for banks' corporate customers with medium-to-high transaction volumes.