Multi-Bank Corporate Trade Finance System

  • Enhance strategic management of banks
  • Enable reduction of bank charges and rates
  • Provide real-time management information at all organizational levels
  • Reduce operational tasks significantly
  • Accelerate business processes
  • Assure high level of safety and security
  • Protect investment through scalability
  • Support compliance guidelines


COR-TF® is the leading solution for the management and handling of guarantees, letters of credit (L/Cs), and collections for corporations. Designed for corporations with a complex configuration, COR-TF provides customers with a single view of the volume and structure of their trade finance transactions, including import/export L/Cs, outward/inward collections, and bank/parent/group guarantees. Supporting all standard global electronic transmission channels such as SWIFT Standardized Corporate Environment (SCORE), Bolero and DTA, COR-TF facilitates streamlined communications between a corporation and its international banking network.

User-friendly and easy to maintain, COR-TF features a simple interface infrastructure enabling seamless integration into existing software environments including enterprise resource planning (ERP), treasury, finance, accounting, logistics and supply chain systems. Robust, future-proof and highly scalable to multiple platforms and databases, COR-TF ensures regulatory compliance, the timely meeting of transaction deadlines, application approval, and document consistency and completeness across the organization. Field-proven for more than a decade, COR-TF is available as either a licensed in-house solution for large corporations or a hosted ASP solution for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Serving corporations in diverse verticals ranging from communications, defense and retail to energy, agriculture and chemicals, COR-TF improves strategic bank management so as to reduce costs, optimize credit volume, and improve transaction performance.


  • Enhanced strategic management – enables users to improve their strategic management of banks, leading to fewer banks with which they work, higher volumes of guarantees per bank, lower rates, and optimized credit-line volumes
  • Improved cash management – improves corporate cash management by providing a framework, methods and tools that make trade finance transactions and their related cash flow predictable throughout the enterprise
  • Comprehensive bank-charge control – incorporates all user agreements across multiple global banks and business cases, including internal cross charges, thereby enabling the discovery and eventual reduction of high bank charges
  • High adaptability – adapts to the workflow and dataflow of complex corporate structures, whether centralized or decentralized, to ensure fast and secure trade finance operations in the most demanding environments
  • Multi-level real-time management information – provides real-time management information at free selectable aggregation levels across the corporation
  • Cross-lifecycle tracking and reminders – keeps track of all required action items during the lifecycle of a trade finance instrument, automatically delivering e-mail reminders to users if necessary
  • Full audit trail – records a document's history and changes including who made each change and when and why it was carried out


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