Chairman's Message

Surecomp is all about relationships.

First, we place our client relationships front and center. We strive to build and maintain long-term connections with each and every client based on trust, integrity and professionalism. And as a financially stable company with a proven track record stretching back to the 1980s, we pledge to continue serving our clients for years to come.

Next, we place great emphasis on our partner relationships. By closely cooperating with a diverse range of value-added partners, we can best provide market-leading global trade solutions to our worldwide client base. This, in turn, leads to the creation of win-win-win alliances benefiting our clients, our partners and Surecomp alike.

We are also dedicated to improving our relationship with the environment. Internally, we make great efforts to minimize the usage of paper, ink, and electricity. Externally, our paperless automated solutions help clients streamline operations and substantially reduce their own usage of the earth's limited resources.

Last but not least, we aim to build strong and productive relationships among all members of the Surecomp team. We encourage our personnel to work together in a spirit of mutual respect in order to develop and deliver the industry's most innovative solutions for real-world problems. The success of this approach is borne out by international industry recognition received by Surecomp over the years.

On behalf of the entire Surecomp team, I wish us all many more years of fruitful relationships.

Joel Koschitzky