Flexi-Scale Back-Office Trade Finance System


  • Double transaction volume throughput without increasing headcount
  • Achieve industry-leading straight-through processing (STP) rate of over 90%
  • Reduce operating costs by 30% via increased efficiency
  • Limit operational risk via credit and operational control
  • Capture customer business flows by delivering end-to-end online service
  • Build competitive edge with innovative Web-based client access

allTRA® is Surecomp’s latest back-office trade finance solution. Developed entirely in the advanced Java J2EE multi-platform environment, allTRA meets the trade finance requirements of banks of all sizes. allTRA enables streamlined and highly-automated processing of a wide array of trade finance transactions including commercial and standby letters of credit (L/Cs), industrial revenue bonds (IRBs), guarantees, collections, fund transfers, reimbursements and clean payments. allTRA also provides enhanced support for all forms of financing such as acceptances, discounted paper, and fixed, adjustable and floating rate loans.

An innovative back-office trade finance system, allTRA significantly improves global processing power for multi-entity, multi-national banks, while providing branch-specific, rules-based processing capabilities. Leveraging service-oriented architecture (SOA), the system’s cutting-edge design and virtually unlimited flexibility allow each entity or region to configure business rules based on local requirements and workflows.

SWIFT TSU- and UCP 600-compliant, allTRA is configurable via a standard browser, and provides easily customizable workflow and transaction routing. allTRA fully integrates with allNETT, Surecomp’s Web-based remote customer front-end system.


  • Flexible configuration – supports large global multi-entity, multi-branch, multi-language and multi-national installations, as well as hub/spoke and centralized processing configurations
  • Versatile infrastructure – enables easy browser-based creation and maintenance of additional screen fields, list-box values, negotiation workflows, tax and interest rates, fee calculations, validations and rules for bank-specific usage
  • Automated workflow – provides an automated work basket for pending/flagged transactions that allows “at-a-glance” viewing of all work in progress
  • Image routing – routes images internally within the bank and externally to customers and other entities in the trade finance value chain
  • Enhanced printing – supports printing of any customer or bank output, including images, tables, custom fonts, bar codes and rich-text formatting
  • Integrated messaging – provides electronic messaging via SWIFT, email, fax, telex and printed output
  • State-of-the-art reporting – enables viewing of online reports in PDF format via the application browser at the touch of a button, and utilizes intuitive open schema for custom reporting
  • Online inquiries – allows parameter-based online inquiries for enhanced flexibility and responsiveness
  • Web-based front end – integrates seamlessly with allNETT, Surecomp’s Web-based customer front-end trade finance system, and other industry-standard front-end products